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A high school misfit with severe OCD forms an unlikely bond with a popular classmate through a shared passion for music and dance. An inspiring story of friendship that connects Pasifika culture, LGBTQIA+ awareness, overcoming bullying and anxiety disorder.

MJ is the ridicule of his high school peers. His obsessive-compulsive need to avoid cracks in the pavement and finger-tap doorframes before entering make him a target for relentless bullying.

Chief among his tormentors is Selena. When MJ discovers a secret that threatens Selena’s standing within her devout Samoan family and popular school clique, the two teenagers form an unlikely bond through a shared passion for music and dance.

When a series of events reveals Selena’s true persona to the entire school, MJ must try and overcome his own affliction to stand up for his new friend.

Directors: Ian Leaupepe & Samson Rambo

Producers: Alex Lovell & Eldon Booth

Writers: Eldon Booth, Ian Leaupepe & Samson Rambo

Cinematography: Ian McCarroll

Art Directors: Vea Mafile’o & Emily Mafile’o

Editors: Luke Haigh & Eldon Booth

Composer: Soraya LaPread

Post-Production Sound: Nigel Foster 

Choreography: Tony Pati

Starring: Villa Junior Lemanu, Luciane Buchanan, Haanz Fa’avae-Jackson, Theo David, Lusia Neemia, Jeremiah Tauamiti, Marlon Tu’ipulotu, Ray Ray Nu’uola, Ella Hope-Higginson, Katerina Fatupaito 

Genre: Drama (Short)

Released: June 2018

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 (Colour)

Language: English, Samoan (with English subtitles)

Duration: 15:00

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